Kobieta urząd

Hükümet Kadın

Kobieta urząd / Hükümet Kadın
6.5 6896 227
  • Kategoria: Komedia
  • Rok: 2013
  • Kraj produkcji: Turcja
Xate is an ordinary woman from Midyat with eight children in tow. The only thing that sets her apart is her husband's job as Mayor of Midyat. Until, that is, an extraordinary day changes her life - and the lives of everyone else in Midyat. For the illiterate, uneducated Xate becomes Mayor of Midyat! While she takes on her mayoral duties much as she does those in her house, the infantile rivalry between her children in municipal matters leads to adventures that have the Midyat folk howling with laughter.

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